Marketing Partners

We are working cooperatively with various pet related organizations, including Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics, Animal Rescue organizations, Pet Breed organizations, Pet Service & Product Retailers, and traditional “crafts” retailers, to make our products known to their customers and members.


Our Marketing Partners typically display our marketing materials and products on site, and/or join our Affiliate Partners program. We offer purchase discounts for our Marketing Partners, who wish to purchase a memorial and gift it to a client, and we offer discounts for those who want to resell our products. We also offer a Consignment Program for a limited number of Marketing Partners.


Our Affiliate Partners earn commissions from sales off the Solid Rock Memorials site generated by referrals from the Affiliate Partner's web site, blog, and newsletter.


We have Marketing Partner materials to help introduce our company and products to your customers or organization members. Each item can be ordered separately, at No Charge.

  • 6- page Binder with pictures of custom and stock rocks for your market, and a current price list.
  • "Celebrate Life's Events" double-sided, UV coated, 4" x 7" Rack Cards and Display Stand
  • A sample Engraved rock, appropriate for your market.
  • A "Paw Print Mini-flyer" to promote a vet service of making a paw print which will be forwarded to us to engrave on a rock. The flyers are shipped with a bottle of black liquid for coating the paw.
  • An 18" x 24" Display Mat of artificial grass on which to display engraved rock samples


Please contact us and let's discuss how we might work together for the benfit of your customers and organization members, you and us.


Solid Rock Advertising Materials

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